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Enter a captivating world of exhibitions at PWD Art Gallery & Design Studio, where innovative artworks shine. Whether you're a passionate art enthusiast craving fresh creations or simply seeking inspiration, our gallery immerses you in contemporary art. Explore diverse artistic expressions and find your next favorite masterpiece among our upcoming shows.

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July 11th - August 1st, 2024


Step into the "Big Ideas Show," where art takes on grand proportions and bold concepts shine. Explore a diverse array of artworks, each measuring at least 30 x 30 inches and priced at a maximum of $1500. From expansive paintings to immersive installations, this exhibition celebrates creativity without limits, inviting you to experience the power of big ideas in art.


Past Shows

Birds, Bees and Blooms

Step into the enchanting world of "Birds, Bees, and Blooms" at our art show from April 11 to May 2. Featuring the works of Heather Cook, Arwynn Davey, Stephanie Fehrenbach, Annette Kraft van Ermel, and Paula White-Diamond, this exhibition celebrates the beauty of nature through captivating artworks. Explore the graceful flight of birds, the industriousness of bees, and the vibrant hues of blooming flora in a collection that inspires wonder and reconnects us with the natural world.